Lumonyx Building System

We show the highest degree of flexibility in the composition of your laser.


At the laser source, we are able to choose from 5 suppliers.

So we can offer you European lasers as well as more economical lasers from Asia.

-MOPA  Laser from 10W to 100W

-Q-Switched Laser from 10W to 100W

-High Power Laser from 1000W to 6000W


We have the right laser for you application


you can choose between

-Desktop PCs with industrial motherboards

-Industrial PC's 19 "slot

-Fanless Mini PC's (Mini ITX / NUK Intel)

-Touch screen systems with reduced operator surface

-HMI systems

-Raspberry Pi3


Lumonyx Laser is the world's first (and the only one) to run a laser software on a Raspberry Pi (check card-sized PC), because we write our software ourselves and adapt our hardware.

This knowledge is, of course, protected.


You can chosse between 4 suppliers of laser software

Win7/ 8/ 10 32/64 bit

Linux Systems 32/64 bit

Debian Sytems 32/64 bit

SPS S7; WinCC; Logo

C++ / C# / .net / Visual Basic / Phyton / Java / Flash


Depending on the PC and software some functions are limited.


After we know what is installed in your machine, our design begins.

Many years of experience in mechanical engineering pays off here.

The e-plans are also created by us.


On request, we can get ALL components (lasers, axies, galvo scanners, etc.) from regional suppliers.

This allows us to react quicklier and our machine is a real "Made in Germany".



One of our pillars.

We are always customer-oriented, flexible, innovative, friendly and absolutely fair.