Lumonyx Laser Basic

The Lumonyx laser Basic features 1 NC programmable linear axis in the working space that is positioned in the Z direction.

In addition, you can still see an X and a Y axis and a rotational axis (optionally) install. So you can lase large parts in segments and perform multiple labeling of small parts.

This unit is very well suited for the marking of workpieces made of hardened, coated, burnished or bare tool steel, and stainless steel, hard metals, anodised or natural aluminum, brass, graphite and suitable plastics, for example, respond by additions to the laser light.

The laser marking device is delivered ready to plug in with all components such as PC, installed software.

The installed marking software LuMark is quick to learn, easy to use and very versatile to use, so that it, or in addition to pure label your items with text and numbers, also possible barcodes, create data matrix codes, serial numbers and date codes, and logos read DXF drawings.

So that you can start directly without start-up time with your laser, we will train you extensively, at your place of your new laser system.

And should then nevertheless times arise a question, we can assist you by phone or via remote maintenance are at all times helping hand.
- Supply of spare parts for all laser

- Conversion of your existing plant

- PC Upgrades

- Service / maintenance

- Repairs

- Training


Laser unit



Fiberlaser 20 Watt bis 50 Watt with integreatet Focuslaser red: 650 nm /<1mW





Power regulation

0-100% scaleable by software

Puls frequence

20-100 kHz


Puls length



Beam quality

TEM00, M2 <2,0




Galvanometer Scanhead with a velocity of 5000 mm/sec.


Marking field

112x112mm, optional other sizes



F-Theta 160



NC Motoraxes 350 - 500 mm